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Sensor, Color and X-Ray Sorters

Sensor Sorter Separators

SGM Sensor Sorter Separators type EMSEF have been designed to separate residual metals from waste flows such as ASR (Automotive Shredder Residue) or other residue like shredded electronics. The operating principle of the machine is based on metallic parts detection by means of a suitable sensor system and their separation by means of electronically correlated air jets. The air jets deflect the trajectory of the detected metallic parts and allow for their physical separation from the waste stream. The machine may be tuned to optimize metal separation or waste stream according to the specific plant requirement.
On Auto Shredder Residue the EMSEF separators can achieve a concentration of more than 90% from a 5% concentration.

EMS explanation

SGM Sensor Sorter Separators can be adjusted to recover either Stainless Steel Metals or Wire (insulated and bare copper wire).

This allows SGM's customers to be able to recover both metals in an efficient way and without the need of adding more equipment to the system.

EMS Datasheet

Model Adjustable Belt Speed Capacity*
EMSEF 96-R 300-590 ft/min 18 tph
EMSEF 96-C 300-590 ft/min 18 tph

* Capacity varies upon metal concentration.

SGM color and shape sorter separators

Color sorter
Color sorter
Color sorter

Type CSS recovers different type of materials based on color, brightness and size of the particles. This separator offers much greater sensitivity and repeatability than the human eye and hands.
The use of multiple cameras allow for high resolution and the use of micro-processor (no-PLC) allows for fast decisions. The SGM CSS is the perfect complement to magnetic, induction sensor, infra-red, near infra-red, X-ray and gravimetric separation.

Color sorter Datasheet

Model Adjustable Belt Speed Material Size
CSS-30 300-400 ft/min 1/8"-3"
CSS-60 300-400 ft/min 1/8"-3"

The SGM X-Ray sorter

type XRS is designed for diverse industries and applications including:
- Car Shredder zorba: separation of heavy metals (copper, brass, zinc, lead) from aluminum and magnesium.
- Car shredder residue and Electronic scrap: Separation of chlorinated and brominated plastics from lighter plastics.
- Aluminum smelter: separation of cast aluminum from aluminum sheet.
- PET plastic recycling plants: separation of PVC contaminates in PET stream

X-Ray sorter Datasheet

Model Adjustable Belt Belt Width
XRS-48 300-480 ft/min 52"
XRS-96 300-480 ft/min 104"

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