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Head Pulleys and Overbelt Magnets

SGM's Magnetic Head Pulleys can either be electro or permanent depending on the application they are to be used. The different type of head pullet magnets that SGM provides are PLP, PLE, SRP and DSRP; each one engineered for specific applications. The PLP and PLE are standard head pulley magnets with different gradients to be installed at any location of the recycling facility, either before or after the sizing process and they are provided in different sizes to fit existing conveyors. The latter pulleys called SRP and DSRP are head pulley magnets set on a frame which provide different separation technology. Their main use is to be installed prior to an Eddy Current Separator on the fine fraction of the ASR (<1.5").


SRP and the Dynamic SRP

The SRP and the Dynamic SRP are ferrous separators through a head pulley magnet with a specific magnetic configuration which were designed to separate the fine ferrous fraction. The function of the SRP separators is to constitute an absolute barrier to magnetic fines prior to their passage on a high frequency ECS which is the same purpose as the permanent magnet drum (model TMP) used on the regular ECS used on larger size material.
The purposes of those magnetic material protection are:

  1. To protect the ECS from shell burn-through exposures.
  2. To optimize both metal recovery and grade by removing the disturbing impact of ferrous fines oscillating vertically in the surrounding of the ECS' magnetic head pulley and acting as a disturbing ferrous curtain on the trajectories of the material crossing it.

The Dynamic SRP represents a patented evolution of the traditional SRP. Unlike the magnetic head pulley of an SRP, the magnetic head pulley of the Dynamic SRP does not drive directly the belt of the separator but rotates inside a shell that rotates at a slightly higher speed than the magnetic pulley. At the same time, the Dynamic SRP is provided with a TMP drum magnet to be able to separate the ferrous nuggets from the ferrous fines and therefore recover sellable ferrous product that in most instances gets mixed with the shredded steel.
The idea of the dynamic SRP is to keep the benefits of the traditional SRP and adding the following benefits:
1. To sort out a sellable fraction of ferrous (even if oxidized) from the magnetic waste.
2. To better liberate the non-ferrous metals trapped into the magnetic mix of ferrous and waste.

DSRP Datasheet

Model Adjustable Belt Speed Capacity Belt Width
Dynamic SRP-40 200-500 ft/min 8 tph 40"
Dynamic SRP-60 200-500 ft/min 13 tph 60"
Dynamic SRP-80 200-500 ft/min 16 tph >80"

Overbelt magnets

SGM manufactures two types of overbelt magnets: electro (DNE) and permanent (DNP). The electromagnetic overbelt ferrous separators are supplied with an electronic cabinet which provides control to both, the coil on the magnet and the drive for the cleaning belt. The permanent and electromagnetic overbelt separators can be positioned either transversely to the conveyor belt transporting the material to be treated as shown on sketch#1 or it can be positioned lengthwise as shown on sketch#2.

Both type of magnets are supplied with lifting turnbuckles to adjust the position of the magnet with regards to the conveyor belt that transports the material to be treated. Also, the belting on the overbelt magnet is 3-ply to provide longer durability. It is also supplied with cleats throughout the width of the belt to act as the cleaning mechanism of the ferrous particles that are attached to the magnet.


Is a permanent head pulley magnet that comes in 43 different sizes from 12"ODx21"L to 23"ODx67"L. These different sizes allow SGM to provide the pulley to all sizes of standard conveyor belts; the customer will be able to install it in an existing conveyor without the necessity of replacing it to meet a specific width. At the same time for each different size of PLP there are three different types of gradients: High Gradient, Very High Gradient and Ultra High Gradient each of these versions have different internal magnet configurations to provide a specific solution for each application. Please contact an SGM Sales Representative to receive more information on the different sizes available.

Model Dimensions
PLP 32/55 Ø 12.6" x L. 21.6"
PLP 32/65 Ø 12.6" x L. 25.6"
PLP 32/75 Ø 12.6" x L. 29.5"
PLP 32/85 Ø 12.6" x L. 33.5"
PLP 32/95 Ø 12.6" x L. 37.4"
PLP 32/105 Ø 12.6" x L. 41.3"
PLP 32/115 Ø 12.6" x L. 45.3"
PLP 32/125 Ø 12.6" x L. 49.2"
PLP 32/140 Ø 12.6" x L. 55.1"
PLP 32/150 Ø 12.6" x L. 59.0"
PLP 40/55 Ø 15.7" x L. 21.6"
Model Dimensions
PLP 40/65 Ø 15.7" x L. 25.6"
PLP 40/75 Ø 15.7" x L. 29.5"
PLP 40/85 Ø 15.7" x L. 33.5"
PLP 40/95 Ø 15.7" x L. 37.4"
PLP 40/105 Ø 15.7" x L. 41.3"
PLP 40/115 Ø 15.7" x L. 45.3"
PLP 40/125 Ø 15.7" x L. 49.2"
PLP 40/140 Ø 15.7" x L. 55.1"
PLP 40/150 Ø 15.7" x L. 59.0"
PLP 45/105 Ø 17.7" x L. 41.3"
PLP 45/115 Ø 17.7" x L. 45.3"
Model Dimensions
PLP 45/125 Ø 17.7" x L. 49.2"
PLP 45/140 Ø 17.7" x L. 55.1"
PLP 45/150 Ø 17.7" x L. 59.0"
PLP 45/170 Ø 17.7" x L. 66.9"
PLP 45/205 Ø 17.7" x L. 80.7"
PLP 45/255 Ø 17.7" x L.100.4"
PLP 50/85 Ø 19.7" x L. 33.5"
PLP 50/105 Ø 19.7" x L. 41.3"
PLP 50/115 Ø 19.7" x L. 45.3"
PLP 50/125 Ø 19.7" x L. 49.2"
PLP 50/140 Ø 19.7" x L. 55.1"
Model Dimensions
PLP 50/150 Ø 19.7" x L. 59.0"
PLP 50/170 Ø 19.7" x L. 66.9"
PLP 60/85 Ø 23.6" x L. 33.5"
PLP 60/105 Ø 23.6" x L. 41.3"
PLP 60/115 Ø 23.6" x L. 45.3"
PLP 60/125 Ø 23.6" x L. 49.2"
PLP 60/130 Ø 23.6" x L. 51.2"
PLP 60/140 Ø 23.6" x L. 55.1"
PLP 60/160 Ø 23.6" x L. 63.0"
PLP 60/170 Ø 23.6" x L. 66.9"

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