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Yielding Good Results

Joel Denbo credits equipment from SGM Magnetics for helping Tennessee Valley Recycling increase its yield of clean ferrous and nonferrous products.

After more than 35 years of experience in the scrap industry,  Joel Denbo  has learned a lot about operating shredding plants and equipping them to maximize returns.

Denbo is chief manager of operations at Tennessee Valley Recycling LLC (TVR), a family-owned  scrap business based in Decatur, Ala. TVR operates two auto shredding plants and a nonferrous  recov- ery plant located in Pulaski, Tenn.

In 2011 and 2012, Denbo and TVR have been working closely with SGM Magnetics Corp. on a series of purchases and installations that have helped boost TVR’s profits in several ways. “In a one-year span, the three pieces of equipment that I’ve purchased from SGM have helped me substantially increase the yield of recovery of nonferrous metals,” he states.

The first purchase TVR made also has helped the company deliver cleaner, lower- copper-content ferrous shred to its steel mill customers. “My research convinced me SGM had the expertise I needed when it came to supplying a polishing magnet for our shredder in Decatur,” says Denbo.

The polishing drum magnet has provided “an increase in the proficiency of capturing copper and meatballs that were getting into the ferrous shred,” says Denbo, resulting in better quality shipments to steel mills and the recovery of more high-value copper-bearing scrap.

During the installation process, Denbo was impressed by SGM General Manager Ryan Njavro  and his ability to analyze and troubleshoot  TVR’s shredding and nonferrous recovery plants.

The favorable experience with the polishing magnet installation helped convince Denbo that SGM also was the right company to turn to for its Wire Finder, which has helped TVR recover  small pieces of copper wire that might otherwise have eluded recovery. “We’re slicing the onion thin now, but if you get 0.25 percent more metal as part of a large volume like 40 million pounds, that can yield you 50,000 pounds of a product that might be worth 70 cents per pound,” says Denbo.

Analysis of what the Wire Finder was recovering led Njavro to recommend  a new eddy current  unit. “Ryan is a technical guy, and once he explained to me exactly how making this upstream move could help, the light bulb went on and it was clear to see it would be a good investment,” Denbo comments.

“My old eddy current had served me well, but it just couldn’t keep up and was losing some of its oomph,” says Denbo. “This new 60-inch SGM lets us do what we were doing in two shifts in just one shift, saving a lot of overhead. And, if the economy and volumes pick back up, it’ll be good to go to handle more.”

Denbo says he’ll continue to comparison shop for equipment, but SGM has earned future consideration on the supplier list. “Every  visit by Ryan Njavro  seems to yield something positive. He’s part of the reason I’m very happy with the equipment I have from SGM. They had a pretty high bar to jump over for these purchases, but they cleared that bar.”

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