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Down to size

An array of equipment from SGM is letting Mercer Group achieve maximum metals recovery down to the smallest fractions.

Mercer Group International accepts a wide variety of recyclable materials at its recycling  and transfer station/MRF facilities in New Jersey. Scrap metal is the focus of operations at its Fairless Iron & Metal facility near Philadelphia, which accepts scrap from eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware and enjoys rail access to the Norfolk-Southern and CSX rail lines.

The company is a major exporter and regional recycler of scrap metal, paper, plastics and construction and demolition (C&D) materials such as concrete and wood. It works with a large customer base to collect and prepare material using an impressive array of processing equipment.

The crown jewel of the company’s processing capacity is its 8,000-horse- power super-sized shredder, which can chew through some 200 tons per hour of obsolete autos, appliances and other scrap at its Morrisville, Pa., location.

Once the scrap is downsized, another layer of effort goes into extract- ing the maximum amount of clean, saleable nonferrous metal from the diverse stream of metallic and nonmetallic material that  emerges from the shredding plant.

For this  high-tech  yet heavy-duty task,  Tom Mazza and Mercer  Group have turned to SGM Magnetics Corp.

According   to   Mazza,   the Morrisville  downstream system now consists of a well thought-out lineup of SGM equipment:

  • Cross-belt magnets to capture fer- rous scrap;
  • Several DSRP  units  to further cap- ture the smallest ferrous pieces;
  • Two VIS units, specialized eddy cur- rents that find and separate small nonferrous metal fragments;
  • One  Sensor-Sorter  installed  (and another anticipated soon) to maximize stainless steel recovery; and
  • Feeder tables to provide consistent material presentation.

Fully  harvesting  shredded  metal has included focusing on the smallest pieces. “We specifically chose SGM for  their  expertise in recovering the smaller fractions of ferrous and non- ferrous materials,” says Mazza.

“With SGM’s equipment, we are removing material that was previously going to the landfill,” he continues. “We are committed to enhancing our operations to recover as much as pos- sible out of our waste streams and to one day recycle 100 percent of what enters the shredding stream.”

With the help of SGM, Mazza is confident that goal can be reached. “With  a company like SGM staying ahead of the technology, it makes try- ing new things easy to implement.”

Other testimonials

Absolute trust

“SGM really makes an incredible rotary drum magnet for shredders; if you don’t go with SGM you’re going to be sorry.”

Bobby Triesch Bobby Triesch
Newell Recycling

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Yielding Good Results

“My old eddy current had served me well, but it just couldn’t keep up and was losing some of its oomph. This new 60 - inch SGM lets us do what we were doing in two shifts in just one shift, saving a lot of overhead.And, if the economy and volumes pick back up, it’ll be good to go to handle more.”

Joel Denbo Joel Denbo
Tennessee Valley Recycling

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Trial by Fire

“Every single person at SGM has been really great to work with and they really came through to get the plant re-started. They’ve just been great.”

Donnie Brewer Donnie Brewer
Don’s Car Crushing

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