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A Ton of Profit

An SGM High Frequency magnet is allowing a Wisconsin company to harvest an extra ton per day of nonferrous metal.

Lenny Siesco Sr. started Magnetic Research & Recycling of Belgium, Wis., in order to  harvest metal from the residues produced by auto shredding plants and other industrial operations.
Making a living by finding and extracting the valuable portions of other companies’ cast-offs takes patience and know-how, plus a willingness to try new ideas.

One of the new ideas that has paid off  tremendously for Lenny is recon- figuring the company’s production line by deploying a 60-inch High Frequency fines separator and an SGM DSRP model magnet, both made by SGM Magnetics Corp.

Before installing the SGM equip- ment, Lenny had been using a single eddy current unit to recover nonfer- rous metals. What remained after that was considered by Lenny to be trash and was treated as such by being con- veyed to a container for disposal.

The two new SGM machines now run underneath what had been the waste stream, capturing a full one ton of additional metal per day that had been going un-recovered.
Although he admits he was “skeptical,” Lenny was willing to go see an SGM High Frequency fines separator at work and was impressed enough by what he saw to place an order for a unit with SGM.

“When  you  look  at  the  material that heads toward the SGM High Frequency machine, you think it’s a waste of time,”  says Lenny. “But  when you see what  that machine pulls out,  it’s phenomenal,”  he  adds,  referring  to the small pieces of aluminum, copper, brass and zinc.

Specifically, Lenny says of the High Frequency, “We slid this under the trash belt and started getting 2,000 pounds of metal per day.”

Lenny says everything about the machine has been trouble free, from the installation  to maintenance. “We just  rolled  this  machine underneath the conveyor and started pulling metal right away.”
After  eight  months  in  operation, downtime has been almost non-ex- istent for the SGM High Frequency sorter. “This is built like a tank—it is really heavy duty. We’ve done nothing but grease the bearings, clean it a little and watch it run trouble free.”
Looking back, Lenny says installing the SGM unit was a “no-brainer.” The machine provided an almost immedi- ate return on what Lenny says was a very affordable purchase price.
“It pays for itself in a hurry,” he de- clares. “You are not only getting the value of the metal, but you’ve also re- duced your landfill costs by, say, 5 per- cent—and that alone will pay for the unit’s cost. It has been a phenomenal addition”

Other testimonials

Worthy Investment

“SGM has helped us grow to be the company we are today and to be the company we want to be tomorrow. This gives us such a competitive edge because we’re generating so much more value per ton.”

Adam Weitsman Adam Weitsman
Upstate Shredding

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Yielding Good Results

“My old eddy current had served me well, but it just couldn’t keep up and was losing some of its oomph. This new 60 - inch SGM lets us do what we were doing in two shifts in just one shift, saving a lot of overhead.And, if the economy and volumes pick back up, it’ll be good to go to handle more.”

Joel Denbo Joel Denbo
Tennessee Valley Recycling

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Trial by Fire

“Every single person at SGM has been really great to work with and they really came through to get the plant re-started. They’ve just been great.”

Donnie Brewer Donnie Brewer
Don’s Car Crushing

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