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Trial by Fire

SGM Magnetics acts quickly and generously to make sure Don’s Car Crushing recovers from a fire as quickly as possible.

Donnie Brewer, owner of South Carolina- based Don’s Car Crushing,  has enjoyed his relationship with equipment provider SGM Magnetics Corp. from the start. His re- spect for the company has increased even more, however, since SGM helped his auto shredding plant get up and running again after a fire knocked it out of commission.

Just one year after  installing a 125-inch- wide, 7,000 hp Harris auto shredder, Brewer’s Holly Hill, S.C., location (near Charleston) was struck by a fire that dam- aged or destroyed  a considerable percent- age of his shredding system.
The fire, which took place in October of 2011, badly damaged the SGM downstream sorting and separating equipment with which Brewer had quickly become impressed. “Their equipment was produc- ing exactly  as they claimed  it would, or even better,” says Brewer.

During the research process, Brewer says SGM stood  apart  from its competitors because of the knowledgeable people at the company. “We got good input from people who were very knowledgeable about the equipment and how to set it up and make it perform,” he comments.

After the fire, Brewer was so impressed with SGM’s people and performance that he not only turned to SGM for replacement equipment but also ordered additional equipment from SGM.
The system now in place at Don’s Car Crushing includes six SGM eddy currents in three different  sizes: 40-inch, 60-inch and 80-inch widths. “We added some extra cascading fines recovery  equipment—air separators,” says Brewer. “SGM just does the best job at the recovery of the smaller fractions.”

Five of the six units are operated in tandem with ultra-strong SGM DSRP magnets to capture small ferrous particles that may escape earlier magnets, while the sixth also includes  an SRP unit  for ferrous recovery.
Just three  months  after  the fire, the auto shredding downstream  system was back up and running,  says Brewer, who credits SGM and its staff. “They did a lot of due diligence coordinating everything time- wise and put in a lot of effort to get me back up and running in a short time.”

By the first work day of the 2012, the SGM downstream  system was up and running, capturing the zorba mixed metal nonferrous scrap and bits of insulated scrap wire that are churned out daily by the massive Harris shredder.
Brewer says the zorba  created  by the series of SGM eddy currents  is a high- grade product that has met with rapid acceptance by the market. “We’re getting a larger amount of material and we’re making a better product,” he says of the upgraded SGM downstream  system at Don’s Car Crushing. “We have the same zorba buyers coming back and wanting to buy from us month after month.”
Brewer is quick to praise SGM’s people. “I’m not impressed that easily, but SGM has done a really good job,” he states. “Mickey Erdos has been terrific and Ryan Njavro  put everything together and guaranteed this equipment would perform. He and service technician Larry Rossow made sure the system did everything they said it would – and it has produced exactly as they claimed.

“Every  single person at SGM has been really great to work with and they really came through to get the plant re-started,” states Brewer. “They’ve just been great.”

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