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Investment capital

CRG Metals continues to increase its investment in recovery equipment made by SGM Magnetics.

Throughout  2007,  Ken  Siegel at CRG Metals, Spartanburg, S.C., has watched equipment supplied   by   SGM   Magnetics harvest greater amounts of metal from the company’s high-output auto shredding plant.

Ken and his fellow managers have done more than watch, however, as they have also decided to increase the percentage of CRG’s capital spending that goes toward the magnets, sensors and sorters made by SGM.

At its Spartanburg shredding plant, CRG has lined up an impressive array of sorting equipment. “At this facility we have two 40-inch fines lines and two 60-inch fines lines,” says Ken. Each line consists of a DSRP and an eddy current followed by an induction sensor sorting unit.
The ultra-strong DSRP magnets made by SGM “strip  out any residual ferrous left in the fluff,” notes Ken. “The eddy currents then become more effective without that ferrous portion in the stream,” he adds. “Those ferrous pieces can stick to the drum, reducing the effectiveness of the eddy current, but SGM has designed the DSRP to alleviate those problems.”
Ken also praises the induction sorters made by SGM. “They do a much better job in recovering smaller metal pieces and fractions than other models we looked at,” he notes.
The end result is that CRG has seen “a 3 to 4 percent increase in our overall recovery from our fluff,”  says Ken. “The overwhelming portion of that is in the small material; previously, we had not recovered that out of our product.”

While the DSRPs have recovered additional ferrous scrap, the SGM eddy currents and the induction sorters have increased the company’s recovery of both white and red nonferrous metals, notes Ken.

“We have recently merged with Atlantic Scrap, and our new partners have seen the improvements we have achieved and have decided to install a system that is almost a duplicate of what we have,” Ken remarks.

At the Atlantic Scrap plant in Smith- field, N.C., the plan is to outfit the downstream system exclusively with SGM units. “As we have partnered up, the managers at Atlantic have seen things in our system that they want to replicate, so they elected to go with a complete SGM system,” says Ken.

“It  has definitely been a great ex- perience working with the group from SGM,” adds Ken. “They have been extremely supportive and the equip- ment they have provided has certainly exceeded our expectations.

Other testimonials

Start to Finish

“In order to get the full return on SGM’s high-performance eddy currents and stainless steel sensors, you need to get all the steel out, and the DSRPs do exactly that”

George Adams George Adams
Adams Steel

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Yielding Good Results

“My old eddy current had served me well, but it just couldn’t keep up and was losing some of its oomph. This new 60 - inch SGM lets us do what we were doing in two shifts in just one shift, saving a lot of overhead.And, if the economy and volumes pick back up, it’ll be good to go to handle more.”

Joel Denbo Joel Denbo
Tennessee Valley Recycling

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Worthy Investment

“SGM has helped us grow to be the company we are today and to be the company we want to be tomorrow. This gives us such a competitive edge because we’re generating so much more value per ton.”

Adam Weitsman Adam Weitsman
Upstate Shredding

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